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Our Services

Colonial Psychiatrics Associates, LLC provides many different services to help with a variety of different needs. We know that every person is different, and each client deserves the individualized attention and personal care that we provide.
Individual Therapy
Marriage and Family Therapy
Psychological Testing
Medication Assessment and Management
Attention Deficit Disorder- evaluation and treatment
Depression / Mood Disorders
Postpartum Depression
Anxiety / Stress Disorders
Coping with Chronic Illness
Eating Disorders
Adolescent and teenage issues
Child with Psychologist - ADD Treatment in Newport News, VA
We often work with elementary school-aged individuals, and children can be evaluated in our offices for attention deficit disorders. In addition, we work with family and primary care physician to determine the right method of treatment in each situation.
We often see children on the autism spectrum and those with learning disabilities. In each circumstance, we can evaluate and assist in the treatments so that these children can achieve positive results. We're dedicated to helping every child have his or her own successes.
As children grow into teens, new problems may arise. Anxiety over new schools, peer pressure, and difficult situations can be hard to manage alone, so we strive to give adolescents the tools they need through individual therapy and counseling sessions. We work with teens who may have eating disorders and any other adolescent issues.
Moreover, we work with families so that everyone can be on the same team when dealing with children or teenagers. We offer family counseling as well as couple's counseling to assist with issues that may be difficult to resolve on your own. Know that each counseling session is individualized for you and your family.
Student Struggling - Stress Disorders in Newport News, VA
Psychologist with Patient - Individual Counseling in Newport News, VA
Through individual and family counseling, we aim to assist all members of the community. We can help with issues of anxiety, depression, and mood and sleep disorders. For those coping with chronic illness, we can also offer therapy sessions for you.
Our practitioners work with new moms who may be coping with postpartum depression. Through medication management and counseling, we can get you through these difficult times so that you can enjoy your new and growing family.
No matter what you're feeling, Colonial Psychiatrics Associates, LLC in Newport News, VA, can help you feel safe and confident again.